The development of telecommuting and the physical absence of employees generate new needs in terms of signature. Whether it is for human resources management or for monitoring professional training, every company needs dematerialization solutions. offers a sign-in solution for companies in the context of training and event management. We explain how these applications secure your exchanges and save you time and comfort.

From integrated training to training centers: you manage attendance and attendance

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If you outsource your learners to training organizations or if you have integrated training, you need to monitor the course. Throughout a session, your company must be able to benefit from alerts for absences, for example. The information system we have designed links the training organization, the trainer and the company. Digital transformation has enabled us to create electronic signature management solutions for a long time. Thus, we offer Bienvenue Formation, which allows you to obtain a signature with probative value. Your employee or trainee can thus validate a completely dematerialized attendance sheet. This sign-in solution for companies and training organizations offers the possibility of obtaining a certified identification.

A sign-in solution for companies that organize events

Barre Décorative Rose : illustration d'une barre rose servant à des fins décoratives, souvent utilisée pour ajouter un élément visuel distinctif à une présentation ou à une mise en page.
The life of a company can be punctuated by internal events or they can be at the origin of a complete activity. In the first case, the administrative hassle of organizing and following up impacts the organization of your company. If organizing events is the main activity of your company, you need a global tool. It will allow you to be efficient and improve your productivity. In any case, your teams need a complete project management solution that accompanies them from the creation to the follow-up of the participants. Thanks to Bienvenue Event, the paper format and handwritten signature give way to digital documents and a dematerialized exchange. Your company creates its project, launches its invitations and follows up the participation with the same tool.

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Complementary tools for companies

The creation of sign-off solutions for companies has led us to develop complementary applications. These are intended to extend the dematerialization of exchanges and to save time for companies. We have created an application that allows you to use the QR Code to dematerialize badges. Your company can organize a responsible event without paper documents. For the follow-up of simple events on a small scale, we propose a lighter version of Bienvenue Event: Emarger. Finally, if your company is looking for a global solution for its ticketing, Bienvenue À Bord is the right application. You can manage purchases, sales, rates and fillings directly. In short, if your company needs to dematerialize identification or exchanges, creates adapted solutions. So, do not hesitate to contact us for your projects.

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