The sign-in sheet

The training attendance sheet is an essential document that validates participation in a session or course. It represents a mandatory step in the process and is useful for the trainer, the learner and the funding organization. Today, the reality of the training action is changing with the form of the attendance sheet. It is important to understand the administrative and economic stakes of this piece of paper which is gradually becoming a dematerialized tool. Discover also how Bienvenue Formation offers complete and turnkey solutions.

The interest of the sign-in sheet for the trainees

With the CPF personal training account, the learner is more and more involved in the process. Whether it is under the DIF (individual right) or the CIF (individual leave), the trainee must justify his or her presence in training. The signature of the participants allows them to obtain the financing for which they have committed themselves. This proof can also justify an absence from work or a trip. The training attendance sheet becomes the coveted sesame that validates the obtaining of funds or the maintenance of a salary.

The issue of enrolment for the training organization

The role of signing out is primarily the responsibility of the provider. Each trainer or training organization must be accountable and provide an official document. The latter must justify to the companies and the OPCOs (competence operators) that the session was properly held. The attendance sheet must include information on the place, date, name of the participants, name of the trainer, title of the course and name of the organization. The Labor Code requires at least signed sheets proving the training act.

Skills organizations' expectations for funding

Mandatory attendance sheetshave become a criterion for the payment of training funds in the same way as coaching or follow-up. Integrated into the Qualiopi label as other essential steps, they must meet the needs of guarantee. The training sign-up sheet, transmitted by scanner, is authentic and remains one of the conditions for funding, but it is no longer the only one. The management of the training and the release of public funds or financial operators therefore depend on the good keeping of such a document as well as on the quality of the lessons. However, an independent trainer as well as a training center spend a lot of time to have these sheets signed. It is time-consuming and a source of many hassles.

The dematerialization of the voting forms and the probative value

Every training organization has a sample list to be printed on paper to be signed by the trainees. It includes at least the names and places for the signature. There are many such tables in Excel or Word format, but they are tending to disappear in favor of the dematerialized sign-in sheet. This one offers the advantage of not having any more lost or crossed out paper. The dematerialization of attendance sheets in training offers other possibilities.

The electronic or online signature

An individual or collective action at a distance
Distance learning trainers can send a link to initial the sign-in sheet.
However, the law on the Labor Code and the vocational training action frames the mode of transmission and requires security guarantees.

Secure sign-in solutions

For several years now, has created "Bienvenue Formation", a training management solution that allows you to automatically manage your attendance sheets online. You no longer need to fill them out manually and waste time scanning them for each change. Bienvenue Formation offers you electronic sign-in sheets with many options:

Face-to-face signing on a trainer's device;

A possibility to control the enrolment remotely with a dashboard, indicators and alerts;

A signed attendance sheet upon receipt of an automated or non-automated email;

Using a trainee application;

SSO authentication;

Integration of geolocation; etc.
Thus, the training provider can generate a training sign-in sheet and transmit it electronically to all the participants. Of course, our solutions have all the certificates (RGS) and labels (Qualiopi) that justify the authenticity of the documents sent.
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