Enrollment: Definition and Control

The term "emargement" is used in many professions and throughout our professional and social lives. Once easy to control with the affixing of a seal and the presence of participants, it becomes more complex with dematerialization and distance. Today, the signing of documents is adapted to modern communication techniques and to teleworking. Discover its stakes and the role of our applications in this authentication process.
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Definition of the emissary

Signing off is the action ofaffixing a signature on a document or an act. In other words, to sign a document is to sign an attendance certificate, a receipt or an invoice. According to the electoral code, it is essential to initial a voting form to validate a vote. During the training process, the signature informs of the participation at each step, until the end. For a contract, the sign-in sheet certifies the commitment of each party and becomes legal proof. It is proof of acceptance and has legal value in the event of an appeal.

The different types of signatures

The act of signing is the act of affixing one's own signature. The handwritten signature can be verified by the presentation of official documents. Thus, during a vote, it is the passport or the identity card that certifies the original signature. In the case of notarial or legal acts, the affixing of a stamp in the margin is always checked by the identity papers. On the other hand, a sign-in sheet is sometimes only intended to validate an attendance, in which case the signature is less important than the action. A cross, a stamp, a raised hand attest to participation. The only thing at stake is the number of participants and their respect. From the legal act to the participation in an event, signing represents different commitments. Control can be essential or much less crucial.

The dematerialization of the attendance sheets

Today, the signing out takes other forms and adapts to new techniques. For the reception of a package, a touch screen becomes the interface of your validation. The electronic signature also enters the world of the French electoral code. Notarized acts are carried out miles away with a certified and secured signature. An attendance sheet for a meeting can be signed on a tablet or a smartphone. A lot of training is done at home and is controlled by proof of login and step-by-step validation. However, the distance poses the problem of the legal value of the sign-off and its authenticity.
I dematerialize my attendance sheets

The legal framework of electronic voting

The "electronic means of identification" are regulated by a European law and regulated in France by the ANSSI, national agency for information systems. The EIDAS regulation proposes a common standard for signature authentication. It imposes trust services in charge of measuring the levels of guarantee: low, medium or high. In short, the level of the signature is certified by an approved body. This level ranges from simple to highly qualified signatures (public contracts, notarial acts, etc.). The validation process corresponds to a general security reference system (RGS) and applies to electronic signatures or stamps.

The challenges of enrolment in training

The role of enrolment in vocational training is crucial when public funding is involved and when fraud is possible. An independent trainer or training organizations must certify the presence of the learners in a secure way. Indeed, the operators of competence OPCO have been confronted with unscrupulous service providers who were collecting aid without real trainees. The challenge is therefore to prevent "misuse and alteration of identity". Integrated in the Qualiopi criteria and the entire training process in general, the electronic signature must provide guarantees of security. Each day of training validated by the trainer or the learner must be the subject of an unforgeable and certified signature.

Welcome to training: a secure digital enrolment solution

Today, whether in person or remotely, attendance sheets are issued electronically. In addition to the comfort and speed, this avoids the excessive use of paper. Initialing an attendance list is done through an interface such as a tablet, computer or smartphone. To allow training organizations to focus on the quality criteria of their service, we provide them with a secure tool. The application Welcome Training application offers the possibility, among other things, to obtain a sign-in sheet with probative value. This certificate, issued by a trusted service (Docapost), allows us to guarantee the entire authentication process. Whether through our mobile application or via the web solution, trainers have a fully certified tool. From signing in to transmission, we guarantee that these steps are carried out with complete peace of mind.
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Digital registration at the service of many events

The digitalization of events and organization gives the opportunity to proceed to a digital sign-in. Whether it is an event or a remote meeting, the validation of the presence requires a tool. We offer a dedicated application, Welcome Eventwhich adapts to the format of your event. Whether it is a face-to-face or remote event or a combination of both, we have solutions for your digital sign-in.

For example, you have options for multiple enrollment:

- Multiple sign-ins or sub-sign-ins for the same day or over several days. Thus you can validate participation in preparatory meetings, workshops and then the event.
- The possibility of multiple signatures with the same list of participants
- The edition of intermediate reports of presence for all stages

You also have an online sign-in:

- Face-to-face, remote or hybrid depending on your type of event
- Launching the remote registration from the back office
- Sending a link for remote validation

You can use a QR code:

- A QR integrated in the invitation that allows you to sign up easily
- A simplified and more fluid sign-up at the reception

Other features are multiple and meet the needs of returns, alerts or sending invitations.

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