Emarger: a light version of Bienvenue Event for iOs mobiles and tablets only

Do you wantsimple sign-in functionality without certification? Need an easy-to-use solution for iPhone or iPad? Emarger is a quick-to-learn signing application. You can validate in real time the presence of participants at your event.
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Why an application for signing

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The handwritten signature tends to disappear in favor of the digital signature. No need to carry around a bunch of signed documents or guest lists on paper, dematerialization brings you time savings and comfort. When you organize a seminar, a meeting, a party or a trade show, you may need to know the number and identity of participants. A signature application offers you the possibility to have participants or learners digitally sign in when they arrive. You create a list of guests that you integrate and then each participant performs an electronic validation on the day of the event.

The features of Emarger

For a simple event, our signature application is just as simple. The very intuitive handling of Emarger makes it very quick to learn. To easily import your list of participants, you have several choices:
- Excel file
- manual addition
- import from your contact list
- add a group of contacts.
The possibility of importing a PDF document allows you to download the map of the venue or a schedule. During the event, the registration is done by simple validation on the application. Throughout the event, you can follow in real time the number of signatories present. If you ask service providers to collect the signatures, it only takes a few minutes. However, the collection of signatures can only be done on one terminal at a time. At the end of the event, you can edit the sign-in report.
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