Qualiopi: an essential quality criterion for all training providers

Since Law No. 2018-771 of September 5, 2018, organizations developing professional skills must meet the Qualiopi criteria for training to receive public funding. From this date, competence operators (OPCOs) like all funders will only issue funds to training providers that meet the reference framework of this certification. Find out what this criterion consists of, what it means, and how our solution Bienvenue Formation solution meets the requirements of this national certificate.
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The Qualiopi criterion certifies the quality of organizations and services

In order to obtain a national homogeneity and to guarantee a minimum quality of the training courses, the State decided to establish a label, the Qualiopi. Service providers involved in professional training obtain this quality certification after an initial audit. The certifiers are approved by France Compétences, which has designated 7 bodies to award this label. Thus, the development of skills meets a mandatory quality criterion and puts an end to the jungle of unscrupulous trainers. The Qualiopi certification attests that the means implemented by the training organization are of high quality and meet numerous criteria. Training providers who contribute to professional development can attest to their high standards when they obtain the Qualiopi certificate.

Qualiopi certification: a real interest for training organizations

The development of the training savings account (or CPF) has considerably increased the use of professional training. In the midst of a heterogeneous offer, companies and users found it difficult to identify serious organizations. In addition, public or mutualized funding was delivered without any real consistency or control. Obtaining Qualiopi certification allows training providers or centers to guarantee a minimum level of quality. This makes it easier for users to identify a reliable training organization. In addition, only Qualiopi certified training services can benefit from the support of public funds and OPCOs. Lastly, the certification requirement for access to public funding concerns areas other than training. Indeed, the organizations carrying out skills assessments are subject to this requirement. The same applies to services accompanying the validation of prior learning (VAE) and training through apprenticeship.

Certified training that reassures trainees

With the number of solicitations growing as fast as the number of scams, it became impossible for a user to make a choice in the professional training offer. Access to skills development was fraught with pitfalls and it was difficult to distinguish quality organizations from the less efficient ones. The Qualiopi certification provides 2 clear pieces of information for the future trainee: quality and the possibility of financing. In order to be sure that the service provided in the context of continuing professional training meets expectations, the label is an essential guarantee. Finally, to obtain financing from public or mutual funds, certification is mandatory.

Criteria for issuing the certificate

Qualiopi is awarded by an approved certification body. This certifier is designated by France Compétences, the national authority in charge of financing and regulating professional training and apprenticeship. The quality requirement is based on 7 criteria detailed on the governmental website. These include the precise indicators of control during the initial audit, which concern the following points

- Information on the content and results
- Clarity of the objectives and the adequacy of the service with its public
- Adaptation of the course to the users
- The implementation of adapted pedagogical means
- Professionalism and competence of the trainers
- Integration of the service provider in the surrounding professional world
- Follow-up and implementation of solutions following up on the remarks and complaints

It is thus throughout the process from the information to the follow-up, that we find quality indicators.

The process to obtain the Qualiopi label

The training organization wishing to benefit from the Qualiopi criterion must respond favorably to each criterion. To know the expected level of quality, the provider must comply with a national reference system of indicators provided in the official guide. Organizations or trainers who carry out actions to develop skills must apply for certification. This formulation is done with an approved certifier. The two parties sign a contract, then the accredited certifying body will carry out an initial audit to measure each indicator. When the quality requirements are met, the certification committee awards the label for a period of 3 years. Then comes a surveillance audit which must be carried out around the 18th month. After 3 years, the provider must undergo a renewal audit.

bsoft.fr helps each training organization to meet the Qualiopi criteria

As we have seen, each stage of the training process must meet the certification criteria of the Qualiopi label. However, for a service provider, certain elements such as the attendance sheet and the attendance sheet are technical processes that are difficult to master. In order to meet the quality requirements for each criterion, we offer a sign-in solution that relieves you of this step. Indeed, our Qualiopi certified process allows you to delegate this criterion while improving your service.

Our Bienvenue Formation application provides a complete and controlled solution. It goes beyond the need for enrolment, reassures the various parties involved and makes life easier for providers. We integrate the sending of questionnaires and their updating as well as the implementation of controls. Our work is in line with quality requirements and provides comfort and reliable results. For several years, professional training organizations have been calling on us for the quality of our solution.
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