Your customized digital tools and its team of designers create digital solutions since 2010. We began by imagining digital tools to facilitate the daily life of companies. Today, many companies call on us when they need to address a problem in their business or to launch a project. Here are the 5 steps that allow our developers to create your custom digital solution.

1. Objectives: what is your problem or your project

It is the objective you are aiming for that is the most determining factor for your project. Indeed, a company does not address in the same way a request from its customers or its employees. Similarly, your new digital tool can respond to a new project or complement an existing activity. Thus, has imagined all custom solutions to develop new services and has also improved existing sites. Similarly, some of our customers have asked us to support new uses and adapt to the digital transition.

2. Targets: who your digital solution is aimed at

When we create new digital tools, the target is the other essential point. The user's profile will determine the communication method used. The solution we come up with may depend on the age of the users, their gender or their needs. Similarly, an internally integrated software for your employees does not meet the same requirements as an application for your customers. Finally, you may need a tool that allows you to interact with a supplier or an administration, which will require special adaptation.

3. Constraints: what could hinder the implementation of new digital tools

Among the parameters influencing the creation of a customized solution, we integrate your constraints. These can be linked to the nature of your activity. Thus we regularly respond to a need for security or confidentiality. You may need a tool that is quick to learn or adapted to a system already in place. You may want a mobile application rather than an integrated software. Our digital tools are created to fit your constraints and to facilitate their implementation.

4. Distribution: depending on your budget and the type of network

The creation of digital solutions must obviously respect your budget. Together we will decide which system is best for you. Also, the cost of implementation can influence the network to use for your digital tool. Our designers can take over or improve an existing application or create a complete tool according to the costs and your budgetary constraints.

5. Follow-up: for maintenance and evolution projects

For all our custom solution projects, we anticipate possible evolutions. Indeed, creating evolving digital tools requires some preparation. Similarly, we can decide together to adapt your application according to your use. We plan regular adjustments and respond to user needs. Finally, your digital solution may require regular maintenance that we will set up in advance.
So if you have a project or are experiencing difficulties, contact us to find your digital solution together.
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Our latest custom projects


Saas solution for travel management and ticketing with an integrated payment system standardized NF-525 + a dedicated ticket scanning application. Solution oriented for transport companies or companies with a tourism and maritime activity.
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EDF Saclay Campus

Incident report management solution with photos & comments allowing a regular monitoring of the quality of the installations. Specially developed for the EDF campus in Saclay
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Capture d'écran du site internet des Vignobles de Bourgogne.

Vineyards of Burgundy

E-commerce website created during the first containment of the sanitary crisis dedicated to the sale of maps of the best vineyards of Burgundy (also discover the application on iOS)

SERRES company

New website that offers different configurations for the installation of your personal electric charging station accessible and configurable very easily with a form to help you create your custom configuration
Capture d'écran du site internet de Serres Entreprise.
Capture d'écran du site web de Masse, La Maison du Foie Gras depuis 1884.

Masse House

E-commerce website dedicated to the food industry and restaurants finally available to the general public
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