Check-in application on phone/ Ipads

Fluidify and control the reception of your guests at high speed

Digitize the entrances of your events and welcome your participants on site, by searching them by name or by scanning their QR-code, with or without internet connection. Have your guests sign in and check attendance live thanks to tablets (IOS, Android, Smartphone...) that are synchronized in real time to track arrivals.

Dematerialized guest lists for your events

With Bienvenue Event, import your contact files in CSV format and view your lists online on our event management platform. You can view the details of your participants and have them sign in when they arrive.
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Illustration d'un processus de check-in en bleu, utilisé dans l'application Bienvenue Event.

Kiosk mode: instant digitization of guests

In order to consider a global solution, we have thought about the unexpected events. You have a last minute guest? Welcome Event allows you to add participants manually without having invited them beforehand.
The kiosk mode allows for simple registration of participants who are not on the guest list. This way you can let your reception team fill out the form.

Learning mode, a feature open to other solutions

Welcome Event allows you to manage your event even if the QR Code was created with another software. Our application is able to recognize a QR Code issued by another solution and allows you to validate the invitation in this way.

Online reporting and feedback on your event

Thanking your guests after the big day

The digital management of your event continues with the possibility to send emails and SMS information at any time. Finally, on the day of the event, you can follow in real time the number of participants and the ratio between registered participants, attendees and guests.
After the event, a feature allows you to thank your participants and guests through a newsletter or an email. This can include photos, videos or a questionnaire about the event.
Find also our complementary services:

ipads rental

To assist you on the day of the event, our team accompanies you in the organization of the event by putting at your disposal complementary services:
- Rental and delivery of telephones, tablets and printers to manage digital registration.
- Printing of your badges before the event.
- Technical support at the event location (excluding travel and accommodation costs).
- Overall supervision of the reception by one of our experts.
Are you looking for an application that goes beyond digital registration? Welcome Event allows you to manage your events digitally in its entirety. Do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration.
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