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Since 2013, our Bienvenue Event solution has been helping companies in all sectors to manage their events. Do you want to know in real time the number of participants at a seminar or a forum? Do you dream of a complete connected information system that integrates your contact lists and manages badges? Welcome Event allows you to manage your events digitally in its entirety. From the invitation to the digital sign-in, we offer the most complete solution on the market.

Dedicated solutions

Welcome Event back office

Welcome Event - back office

Save time by planning your events online, in person or in hybrid mode with our specialized digital event management platform. Automate your communications, analyze attendee data and measure their satisfaction with our event reports.
Access to the back office

Welcome Event - D-Day Application

With our check-in application, import your excel files of guests and manage your dematerialized lists at any time. You can fully digitize the on-site reception of your participants by scanning their QR code or by searching them by name, with or without an internet connection.
Welcome Event application
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