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The electronic signature for training

No need to print and scan, Bienvenue Formation allows you to have your documents electronically signed in a few clicks and sent to all your recipients at the same time.

Customize your templates and signature paths

With this electronic signature module you have the ability to create numerous 100% customizable templates for the signatures of your choice. Add and remove additional fields as you wish and build signature templates in a few clicks.

Send to all your recipients instantly

Once the document is signed, send it in seconds and get your signatures faster. No more chasing after agreements, regulations and other documents, you can follow the progress of signatures in real time via an intuitive dashboard and set up your automatic reminders in an instant.

Automatic data filling

No more need to fill in your fields manually, the data on Bienvenue Formation will be automatically filled in and you will be able to generate your documents and send them in a few clicks.

French electronic signature solution


Sign remotely or in person


Archiving of signed documents


Possibility to make filtered searches

Digitalize your questionnaires and boost your training

Bienvenue Formation allows you to create your questionnaires directly via our back-office and to schedule their sending, you can also plan reminders and view the results in the form of graphs.
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The business benefits that Bienvenue Formation brings you

A gain in productivity, with a faster search
Saves time and speeds up administrative processing
The reliability of enrolment (electronic detection of falsifications..)
Elimination of time-consuming tasks
Improving the training organization's responsiveness to companies or funders
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