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Secure digital enrolment for your learners

With our trainee application, your learners have their own personalized interface and can sign in quickly and easily from their phone or personal computer.

In addition to ensuring better follow-up during training, our trainee application allows you to maintain better interactions between students and trainers.
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Real-time administrative follow-up

An intuitive 2-in-1 application that allows your trainees to consult their schedule and the courses to which they are assigned.

Your trainees can sign in directly via the trainee application following the trainer's call, or via email, QR code to scan or collective link. They can also sign in freely during the training hour via geolocation if this feature is activated by the organization.

Trainees are notified at each session start if their signature is missing or if they have a new absence to justify. They can also directly justify their absences and follow their treatment from the trainee application.

What are the advantages of Bienvenue Formation ?


SSO connection available


Optimized for courses of any length


Ultra flexible to adapt to every situation


RGPD compliant


Customization of documents and interfaces

Save time on your administrative management and opt for a dematerialization of your attendance sheets in a few clicks

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