A Web App to keep track of your training

Be as efficient as possible with our powerful web app available on IOS and Android with all the necessary tools for an optimal digital enrollment.
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Flexible enrolment management

Choose the registration method best suited to your situation and register your learners with ease. The web app allows you to get rid of the administrative task of signing in and focus on the essentials of your training.

Choice of multiple voting modes

3 possible modes of signature (face-to-face, remote, and hybrid) with several means of signature to choose from:
Signing in via a secure QR Code
Signing up via a collective link
Signing off via the trainer's interface (signature on the speaker's tablet or phone)
Signing up via an email received by a learner
Signing in via the trainee application following the trainer's call

Features to make your experience even more enjoyable

In addition to guaranteeing considerable time savings, Bienvenue Formation allows your trainers and facilitators to enter or modify any information at any time.
Additional fields for adding trainees in case of unforeseen events
Possibility to have your learners sign in automatically via geolocation
Possibility to choose a confidential signature mode when signing out (so that the names of the learners do not appear)
Offline registration mode, allowing students to register without a network or internet connection
Possibility to sign collectively via Microsoft Teams

Customize your solution and integrate your everyday applications

Choose from hundreds of applications, ERPs and extensions that let you do everything from schedule synchronization to group sign-in via Teams and Meet and more.
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A mobile version to register in a few clicks

Bienvenue Formation adapts to all situations and also offers a mobile application for all your trainers and facilitators, available on both IOS and Android, your trainers will also be able to launch a sign-in from the device they want.
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Better follow-up with learners

In addition to being simple and accessible, the mobile application ensures a better follow-up in training and better interactions between students and trainers thanks to its many features. Your trainers will be able to:
Login in a few clicks via SSO, pin code or passwords
Consult their schedule which will be synchronized with the phone calendar
Add comments or modify delays on a student
Create parties and add or remove students
Customize reminder notifications in case of unstarted or incomplete enrollment

Effective time sheets and questionnaires

With Bienvenue Formation, you no longer need to use third-party software to produce your attendance sheets and online questionnaires. Our solution allows you to produce and automate all the documents you need internally.
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Your trainers will be able to export the attendance sheets they need directly via the mobile application and will also be able to send their own questionnaires/evaluations and collect the answers automatically.

Adopt Bienvenue Formation and opt for efficient enrolment and simplified administrative management

Whether you are a training organization, an institution or a company, managing your training with us has never been easier.
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