Welcome Event rates

Single event (from 269€ ht)
Event management back-office
Unlimited questionnaires
Home application available on iOS and Android
Import of guests in csv or xls
Offline mode available
Follow-up of enrolments on line
Possibility to manage an event over several days
Event with mail
(from 369€ ht)
All the features of the single event package "
+ Sending reports: tracking of registrations, emails (deliverability)
+ Customizable invitation, reminder and confirmation emails
+ Badge printing from your device
+ Traceability and history of modifications
+ Authentication via SSO
Loan of ipad (from 39€ ht/day)
Looking to rent iPads for an event? You are at the right place! Contact us to rent from 1 to 40 iPads!
Our licenses for your unlimited events
- Annual license: unlimited management/sending/relaxation.
- Includes SMS alert, QR CODE, unlimited signatures
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  • Can I synchronize and integrate my event/participant data with my CRM?

    Yes! Welcome Event allows you to connect to other platforms and CRM such as SalesForces, Hubspot and others through our API or specific connector integrations to retrieve your customer data related to your event.  

  • How is the data collected by Bienvenue Event managed?

    Welcome Event is 100% committed to compliance with the GDPR. The security and privacy of personal information is an integral part of our data security policy. We ensure the security of our customers' data by adhering to IT best practices and standards, and by constantly developing our readiness to bring new security measures to life. Our SaaS solution was created on 100% French solid hosts and the security of our services is ensured by periodic technical and organizational audits performed by bsoft.fr.

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