The democratization of online training

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Since March 2014, when distance learning was officially recognized; it has continued to grow. The Covid-19 health crisis has accelerated the trend by forcing companies, schools and other training organizations to deploy solutions to continue, at all costs, to provide their training.

Over the last few years, and even more so since March 2020, training has thus developed its digital pedagogical approach by democratizing distance learning without abandoning physical teaching.

Innovative and hybrid formulas such as blended learning or hybrid solutions combining face-to-face and distance learning are increasingly popular with organizations and learners for optimal learning.

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What are the advantages of the electronic signature?

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In this approach, digital enrolment solutions make sense to facilitate the implementation of training regardless of the teaching method.

The imminent arrival of Qualiopi (January 2022), forces training centers to digitize all their offerings and especially to comply with all expected criteria (questionnaires, before, during and after training, monitoring and traceability, are all elements that overload structures already overwhelmed by the administrative.

By centralizing the information on the same application, digital enrolment allows:

- To be one step ahead of the implementation of the Qualiopi certification

From January 2022, the certification mark "Qualiopi" will be mandatory for all "providers of actions contributing to the development of skills" in order to certify the quality of their implementation process. Its implementation also aims to "make the training offer more legible to companies and users".

This certification is based on the National Quality Reference System, which is centered on 7 quality criteria. In order to respect these criteria, a certain number of follow-up and traceability documents (questionnaires, before, during and after the training course, collection of assessments etc. ) must be carried out.
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This is where enrolment solutions and their associated functionalities (creation of questionnaires, storage space, etc.) come into play to facilitate everyone's work and thus avoid additional activity for administrative teams that are already overloaded.

- Save time

The succession of small tasks that revolve around enrolment may seem trivial, but they are often synonymous with stress and wasted time. The traditional way of working with a paper sign-in sheet, with all its problems, from searching for the sign-in document to printing it, adds extra work, confusion and administrative errors for trainers and teaching teams.

The multiple functionalities associated with our digital sign-in application allow, through an all-in-one tool, to: sign, share, send, archive and even track, all in just a few clicks!

-Ensure the autonomy of the players

With Bienvenue Formation's digital sign-in solution, each trainer has an interface that makes him or her autonomous in managing the sign-ins of his or her trainees, without having to provide regular feedback to the administrative and educational team.


The codes of conduct between trainers and trainees have evolved, moving towards more flexibility in teaching and giving more importance to the opinions and satisfaction of learners.

To meet this need, our application has been designed so that you can edit satisfaction questionnaires. You will be able to obtain a detailed report and improve the quality of your contents and the exchanges between the actors of the training.

- Reinforcing health security in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, all the structures have been imposed new practices to ensure the maximum security of all. Among other things, physical distancing and the deployment of solutions avoiding physical contact and direct exchanges of materials.

- Ensure the security of shared documents

Electronic signatures are now one of the most reliable and secure ways of guaranteeing the authenticity of a signature on an official document.

Thanks to its storage space, our applications allow you to keep track of your documents and to be able to find them at any time.

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Welcome Training a solution for digital enrollment and more

Multiple functionalities

Barre Décorative Rose : illustration d'une barre rose servant à des fins décoratives, souvent utilisée pour ajouter un élément visuel distinctif à une présentation ou à une mise en page.
With 4 years of experience on the market and numerous updates, our Bienvenue Formation solution offers a complete range of enrolment services to meet, among other things, the new requirements of Qualiopi certification.

Bienvenue Formation now supports numerous training and higher education organizations with its many features. (Discover all the Bienvenue Formation features)

Among them, we note the possibility, from the administrator/manager/educational manager access, of:

- Receiving various email/sms alerts for trainers,
- Carrying out evaluations/questionnaires with different types of questions. These can be filled in hot or cold, linked to one or more training courses using tags,
- Conduct simplified multi-criteria searches for attendance sheets, attendance certificates, achievement certificates, evaluations.
- Import CSV files in manual mode.

In order to provide even more service and with a view to centralizing as many services as possible within a single solution, Bienvenue Formation will soon be integrating an integrated videoconferencing solution.

With our applications you will be able to:

- immediately reduce your management costs by 80%,
- comply with Qualiopi,
- deliver the best possible training experience
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