Online training questionnaire

Quick and easy to create online training questionnaires for both trainers and trainees.

You can collect your answers and analyze your results in graphical form in a few clicks, our online questionnaire module is essential for your Qualiopi certification.
Qualiopi certification

Digitalize your questionnaires and boost your evaluations

You no longer need to use third-party software to create your questionnaires. Bienvenue Formation has its own training evaluation module that allows you to automate your surveys.

Create an online questionnaire in a few clicks

Nothing could be simpler than creating a customized questionnaire with Bienvenue Formation. Our module allows you to choose from a dozen types of questions and unique personalization tools. You can thus customize your questionnaires entirely according to your needs and send them out in a few clicks, individually or collectively.

Schedule your automatic mailings to keep track of your training sessions and plan reminders for latecomers!

Collect your responses in real time

After creating the questionnaire, you automatically collect all the answers in the "results" section and can access them from any interface (web app, trainer application).

Easily analyze your results in a simple and intuitive way

Once you have collected your responses, you can view your results in graph form and generate advanced analyses in CSV format from your back office.

An essential advantage to your Qualiopi certification

Our online questionnaire module allows you to conduct satisfaction surveys on your training courses and also to automate your evaluation processes. Make your training courses more interactive and boost your courses with our online questionnaires!
Discover how Bienvenue Formation helps you to become Qualiopi certified

More than 3,000 companies and establishments already use Bienvenue Formation


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