It is still common for trainers to receive a packet of attendance sheets to sign in their class. The sign-in can hide a lot of special cases. So trainers often call the administrative teams and say, "I'm in class, and I've got one person filling in for another, do you know?
I am in class and I have an extra student who is not on any sheet, is this normal?"

While their main task is to transmit their knowledge to their learners, they are obliged to take more time than expected to complete the enrolment.

Training attendance sheets: a non-mandatory luxury

The training attendance sheets are not a mandatory element of the training action proof circuit. However, they are one of the easiest documents to provide. This is why training organizations and higher education institutions keep these mandatory signatures at the beginning of each course.

All in all, managing the paper attendance of a learner costs around 30€ per learner. Just add up the administrative costs, the delays during the course, the time spent scanning the documents, archiving, etc.
Does this sound crazy?
Do your calculations, if you are a trainer and in charge of the administration, it can be even higher. Indeed, you will have to include the time during which you cannot invoice yourself for delivering training.

I'm in class and I'm moving fast thanks to Bienvenue Formation!

Since 2010, Bsoft Group has been providing sign-in solutions for professionals. After having learned a lot from the event management, we launched Bienvenue Formation.

Bienvenue Formation is a complete solution for dematerializing training attendance sheets. For us, it's obvious that signing up quickly increases the quality of learning.

Today, choosing to dematerialize your sign-up sheets allows you to save time on important administrative tasks. We are not saying that enrolment is not important, but it is only a means to an end. It is a means of being paid by the OPCOs, of controlling attendance, and it is also the basis for pedagogical follow-up.

It is therefore obvious that in 2020 a trainer should not spend more than 3 minutes signing in his class. It also seems obvious that administrative staff should not spend more than an average of one hour per student managing their attendance or non-attendance at training. And it seems obvious that limiting the physical means (paper, pen, etc.) in these complicated periods related to COVID can only be a facilitator for training organizations.

You also need to transform the management of your enrollments? Contact us for a demonstration of our applications, and quickly digitalize your attendance sheets!

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