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Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration tool developed by Microsoft. It allows users to communicate and collaborate using features such as instant messaging, audio and video calls, online meetings, file sharing and real-time collaboration on documents. It is designed for work teams, businesses and organizations, and can be used on different devices (computers, tablets, mobiles). It is also integrated with other Microsoft tools and services such as Office 365 and SharePoint.
microsoft teams

Why connect Microsoft Teams to Bienvenue Formation?

Connecting Microsoft Teams to the Welcome Training application can provide many benefits, such as:
Facilitate communication and collaboration between trainers and learners: Trainers can use the instant messaging, online meetings, and file sharing features of Microsoft Teams to communicate with learners and help them solve problems.
Enhance the learning experience: Trainers can use interactive whiteboards and chat channels to create collaborative learning activities and learner engagement.
Access e-learning resources: Learners can access courses and e-learning resources directly from Microsoft Teams, making it easier to manage their training.
Track learner progress: Trainers can use the progress tracking features of Microsoft Teams to track learner activities and outcomes.
In short, connecting Microsoft Teams to the Welcome to Training application optimizes the training process by providing tools for collaboration, skills assessment and learner support.

How do I connect Microsoft Teams to Bienvenue Formation?

- There are several ways to connect Microsoft Teams to the Welcome Training application.
- Ensure you have a valid Microsoft Teams and Welcome Training license.
- Create a workgroup in Microsoft Teams for your training. You can invite trainers and learners to join the group.
- In the Welcome Training app, look for the option to connect to Microsoft Teams or integration. This can be done via a plugin or an integration button in the application settings
- Connect the Welcome Training application to your Microsoft Teams workgroup using the necessary login information (group ID, API key, etc.).
- Configure the Welcome Training application settings to specify the features you want to use with Microsoft Teams, e.g. file sharing, online meetings, interactive whiteboards, etc.

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