Alcuin Openportal

Alcuin Openportal is an open portal developed by the University of Strasbourg in France. It allows users to access digital resources, including scientific articles, books, theses and research data, using a single search interface. It is intended for students, researchers and teachers of the university, as well as others interested in the university's research topics. It is a portal for open access, i.e. free access to scientific publications and research data.


Why connect Alcuin Openportal to Bienvenue Formation?

To provide a more integrated and efficient learning and research experience for its students and faculty.
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How to connect Alcuin Openportal to Bienvenue Formation?

There are several ways to connect Alcuin Openportal to Bienvenue Formation. Here are some examples of methods:
Integration via APIs (Application Programming Interface): Platforms can be connected using APIs, which would allow data to be synchronized between them, such as users, training sessions, assessment results, etc.
Integration via connectors: It is possible to use specific connectors to connect the two platforms together. These connectors can automate data synchronization tasks.
Manual integration: It is also possible to manually connect the two platforms by exporting data from Hyperplanning and importing it into Bienvenue Formation.

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