Planning management dedicated to higher education.

Hyperplanning is a planning management software for educational institutions. It allows you to manage student, teacher and classroom schedules, as well as absences and substitutions. It can also include features such as grade and report card management, parent and student communication, and administrative document management. Hyperplanning is often used by schools, colleges and universities to improve the management of their schedule and facilitate communication between the different actors of the institution. It is often used to improve the management of training in educational institutions.

Why connect Hyperplanning to Bienvenue Formation?

Connecting Hyperplanning to Bienvenue Formation combines the benefits of both platforms to provide an even more comprehensive and efficient learning experience for users. By connecting them, users can benefit from efficient management of their training path while having access to quality content to develop their skills. This allows for better coordination of learning activities, better planning of training sessions and better communication between teachers, students and parents.

How to connect Hyperplanning to Bienvenue Formation ?

There are several ways to connect Hyperplanning to Bienvenue Formation. Here are some examples of methods:
Integration via APIs (Application Programming Interface): Platforms can be connected using APIs, which would allow data to be synchronized between them, such as users, training sessions, assessment results, etc.
Integration via connectors: It is possible to use specific connectors to connect the two platforms together. These connectors can automate data synchronization tasks.
Manual integration: It is also possible to manually connect the two platforms by exporting data from Hyperplanning and importing it into Bienvenue Formation.

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