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Ammon ERP is a customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for businesses. It enables business process automation and better visibility into company operations. It offers functionalities for sales management, production, logistics, accounting, human resources management and project management. It also allows for better collaboration between the different departments of the company

Why connect Ammon de val software to Bienvenue Formation?

The connection between Ammon and Bienvenue Formation could allow data and information to be shared between the two systems, so that users can access Ammon information from Bienvenue Formation and vice versa. It could also allow teachers to view student and teacher employee information for course customization, and company employees to view employee information for payroll, vacation, etc. It could also allow employees to view student information for hiring, internships and mentoring programs.

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How to connect Alcuin Openportal to Bienvenue Formation?

There are several ways to connect Ammon to Welcome Formation. Here are some examples of methods:
Integration via APIs (Application Programming Interface): Platforms can be connected using APIs, which would allow data to be synchronized between them, such as users, training sessions, assessment results, etc.
Integration via connectors: It is possible to use specific connectors to connect the two platforms together. These connectors can automate data synchronization tasks.
Manual integration: It is also possible to manually connect the two platforms by exporting data from Hyperplanning and importing it into Bienvenue Formation.

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