is a commercial, administrative and accounting management software dedicated to training centers. It is a secure and automated system allowing, in a simple and intuitive way, to control the company's files (dematerialized questionnaires, contracts, training catalogs...). The software also includes the option of digital signature for contracts and attendance sheets. The software also allows for the management of external participants and subcontractors. You can use to set up an intranet dedicated to these participants, and also an extranet for your customers and learners.

Why connect to Bienvenue Formation ?

Form.Dev allows you to have a good commercial and administrative management, to create events, alerts or to manage the sending of convocation or training course. It also allows you to plan appointments in your daily life. You will be guided to complete your tasks to save you precious time. Once the two applications are connected, you will be able to collect the information in and synchronize it with the Bienvenue Formation solution.

How to connect to Bienvenue Formation ?

There are several ways to connect to Bienvenue Formation. Here are some examples of methods:
Integration via API: platforms can be connected using APIs, which would allow data to be synchronized between them, such as users, training sessions, assessment results, etc.
Use a plugin or a connector

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