In response to COVID19, we are offering free enrollment!

The Covid-19 is hitting the vocational training and higher education sector hard. Faced with the closure of schools and training centers, a mobilization is needed.

It is an unprecedented solidarity approach that the teams have decided to implement today, to support the various organizations in the implementation of distance learning.

Bienvenue Formation: digitalized enrollment is free until May 11, 2020!

Bienvenue Formation is a digital enrollment solution in 4 steps:

- Create your training in your web space.
- Download the mobile application and automatically synchronize all the information.
- Download your attendance sheets on your tablet or smartphone.
- Design satisfaction questionnaires and obtain detailed statistics.

Welcome Training is usually linked to a license fee, based on a number of annual learners. In a spirit of solidarity, is offering the use of its solution until April 30, 2020. This date may be extended depending on current events, in the event that establishments are unable to reopen their doors at the beginning of May.

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