Ypareo is an integrated management system (ERP) designed for higher education and training institutions. It manages the various administrative and pedagogical aspects of an institution, such as student, course, teacher, financial and human resources management. It also offers performance tracking, schedule management and communication between students and teachers. It is designed to be easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of an institution.

Why connect Ypareo to Bienvenue Formation?

By connecting YPAREO to Bienvenue Formation, you will be able to benefit from additional features to manage training courses. For example, students will be able to register online for courses, consult schedules and track their progress. Instructors will also be able to access information about students enrolled in their courses and track their progress. In addition, it allows data from two systems to be synchronized to avoid duplication and errors.

How to connect Alcuin Openportal to Bienvenue Formation?

To connect YPAREO to Bienvenue Formation, the following methods are possible:
- Use a connector or a plugin
- Connect the two systems via an API
- Use a data integration service (ETL)

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