Online ticketing software: Bienvenue À Bord is your reservation and sales solution

Your company offers transportation by boat, bus or barge? Do you want to integrate an online reservation possibility on your website? Whether in the tourism, entertainment or leisure sectors, our Bienvenue À Bord solution opens up the field of dematerialization. Discover how our online ticketing software can meet your needs.
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Why an online ticketing software ?

There are many areas where an online ticketing software would allow you to develop the business effortlessly. Indeed, offering transportation and selling physical tickets at the box office monopolizes your energy and time. Also, you can't manage reservations 24 hours a day and the customer relationship suffers. When your website has a good visibility, you can suffer from an evaporation of customers who cannot book online. Similarly, when you decide to offer your tickets on other sales outlets, you have to manage them on an old Excel spreadsheet. Whether it's for festivals, cinemas, leisure activities or transportation, you dream of tracking your fill in real time without any effort. Our online ticketing software answers all these problems and more.

Welcome Aboard, the ticketing solution you need

Welcome aboard is a solution that allows you to manage your ticketing service on your own website. In addition to its permanent availability, our application offers you the possibility of making payments online while retaining the functions of physical collection. By connecting your website to our ticketing solution, you turn your visitors into buyers. Online booking is easy to use, fully customizable and allows for a smooth transition for users. With our back-office interface, you can manage the marketing as you wish. You can offer the number of seats you want, you can manage the pricing and be informed of each ticket sold. Finally, you can continue to sell physical tickets at the box office through our software. Indeed, it integrates a solution of sale on tablet, on computer or by a standardized and NF525 compliant cashier.

Welcome Aboard, the ticketing solution you need

The features of Bienvenue À Bord don't stop there, we offer your customers the possibility to dematerialize their ticket thanks to the QR Code. No more need to use a printer, tickets can be checked by a simple scan on your terminals. A functionality also allows you to offer your ticketing service in any other point of sale. For this, your resellers and distributors have an access account to the online ticketing software with a dedicated ticket allocation. Thus, all tickets sold by your partners are integrated in real time. Finally, our scanning application developed on Android allows a secure access control. Indeed, you can follow in real time the identity of the people present, their number, the rate of filling and you can even create an alert on your gauge.

In short, our online ticketing software proves to be almost unlimited in its flexibility and can be adapted to all situations. So if you want to integrate a ticketing solution into your business, don't hesitate to contact us.
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