The attendance sheet: an indispensable
in the training process

The attendance sheet is a tool to measure attendance at an assembly, meeting or training. For a long time, it was the only paper element used to justify real participation. Today, it is dematerialized and contributes to the whole certification of attendance required by the financing organizations. Here are a few lines on its interest, its evolution and its integration into solutions such as Bienvenue Formation.

The use of the attendance sheet

The attendance sheet or emissary sheet is widely used in general assemblies of co-owners, meetings as well as training sessions. During a general meeting of the syndic, it allows to determine the number of people present. Thanks to this document, the quorum can be calculated and the votes validated. It is recorded in the minutes as documentation and proof. During a meeting, the attendance sheet can be used to identify the number of participants and the number of votes required for a majority. For vocational training, it attests to the attendance of learners and validates step-by-step participation in the process.

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The content of an attendance sheet

The attendance sheet must include the essential elements related to the event. For example, for a general meeting of co-owners or a meeting of shareholders, the number of shares is essential. In training, several information must be mentioned:
Learners' names
The place
Date and time
The name of the trainer
The title of the module or course
The name of the training organization.
The attendance sheet can be addressed to a group or signed out individually. In addition, it must have a blank space for the trainees' signature. Some models are designed for half-day or full-day signing and can also be organized by session.

Attendance sheets for training

The presentation of the attendance sheet in the form of a table remains the most common, whether it is individual or collective. Issuing paper lists generates processing, archiving and time-consuming activities that no longer correspond to modern requirements. However, it is still possible to print out an attendance sheet template in various formats.
A Word timesheet is easy to use, but has the disadvantage of changing the document with each entry.
An Excel or Sheet version offers the possibility of integrating calculation formulas to obtain attendance times. Here too, each intervention modifies the document.
A table presented as a PDF may seem more suitable for signing, but has the same drawbacks when saved.
In any case, you have to print and sign a paper attendance sheet which has other disadvantages. Indeed, in addition to misplaced printouts and overflowing initials, you have to deal with omissions and make up for them. It is then a long process to obtain the missing signature. Finally, the completed document must be sent via the scanner.

Bienvenue Formation allows you to automate the generation of your attendance sheets and to personalize them in a few clicks.

No need to manually sign your learners. Thanks to our solution, the data and signatures are filled in automatically in your software, you only have to generate them individually, collectively or by period.

Complete dematerialization of the certificate of attendance

Today, the attendance sheet has become completely dematerialized. The initials are affixed on tablets using dedicated applications or online. The information is collected in a secure manner. Then, a certified PDF file can be generated to present the list of signatures. The electronic signature becomes the standard and allows remote signing. Management, transmission and traceability are much simpler. From simple signature links, information is collected to create a dematerialized attendance sheet. To achieve this, our company has developed solutions that secure each step of the process, until the creation of a PDF certified RGS. You have dematerialized attendance sheets that are easy to use online or on a terminal and easy to extract. Oversights are quickly rectified with signature links sent by email. No more scanning, crossing out or misplacing sheets, everything is archived and secured.

A contribution to the certificate of attendance required by the OPCOs

For a long time, the attendance sheet was the only document needed to certify the attendance of a training course. Since Decree No. 2017-382 of March 22, 2017, it must be accompanied by other information to obtain the"proof of attendance." To complete the certificate of attendance, the training organization must provide the documents justifying the coaching and evaluation. In all cases, the competence operators are entitled to require a secure attendance sheet to validate funding. The payment of funds is correlated to the proper delivery of the training and the effective presence of the learners. The transmission of reliable and certified documents is therefore a major issue in the economic life of vocational training.

Our solution offers many functions around the timesheet

Our Bienvenue Formation solution guarantees, among other things, a reliable signature on the attendance sheet, secure delivery and certified files. In addition, we can create the documents used to obtain the evaluation of the trainees as well as the exchanges proving the support. From the satisfaction rate to the evaluation notes and all types of questionnaires, you have all the elements of the attendance certificate. To meet the many needs, we can also generate personalized attendance sheets. They can be individual, collective or by period. Finally, several options are available such as adding additional fields (free text, telephone, etc.).
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