Electronic badge: our solution for dematerializing access control

Do you want to dematerialize access to your coworking space or your parking lot? Do you want to limit the use of your photocopiers or issue a temporary identification badge? The electronic badge created by Bienvenue Access easily integrates all your authorizations. Here is how a simple application proposes solutions to replace your magnetic badges.
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The interest of an electronic badge

Many systems use a keypad to unlock electronic locks and trigger a door opening. But what happens when you want to delete a user or set time restrictions? In the first case, the digicode is modified for everyone, in the second case you have no quick solution. Bienvenue Access allows you to benefit from the flexibility and functionality of an electronic badge. You can instantly deactivate a user and you can limit access rights according to many criteria. On the other hand, if today RFID and magnetic card technology are still well developed, they raise many questions. Indeed, the use of plastic, the physical printing, the renewal in case of loss have a financial and ecological cost. Electronic badges are an ideal solution for dematerialization, as they are more economical and more eco-responsible.

The many applications of badge dematerialization

An application developed on both iOS and Android allows universal use, as smartphone equipment approaches 100% of the active population. The generation of a QR code as an access badge opens up many possibilities.
Our solution can connect a badge reader with your copier or printer to limit access. The control of the entrances of a company restaurant by an electronic badge can inform about the frequency of use. Similarly, the flexibility of the dematerialized version offers the possibility to create temporary badges for different security or clearance levels. Thus you can carry out programmable access control for temporary staff or service providers (security, cleaning, etc.). Finally, you can benefit from increased security for access to buildings or offices. Indeed, since authentication is done via a smartphone, the possibility of fraud is minimal and access rights can be interrupted instantly.

Our electronic badge application is suitable for all companies

An interconnection with your access control software

If you already have an access control system, Bienvenue Access can connect to your software. Indeed, solutions such as Maxpro Cloud or Visor used for the management of parking entrances are fully compatible with our application. So your Bluetooth readers connected to our solution and to your software offer you additional possibilities. You benefit from the tracking, tracing and authorization options provided by our application. In addition, your users benefit from the convenience of using an electronic badge.

A non-invasive, flexible and customizable solution

If you want to use our back-office solution coupled with the mobile application, nothing could be easier. Indeed, Bienvenue Access does not require the installation of any software, it is available in SAAS mode. This means that our solution is accessible on the Internet using an account. Moreover, its availability in white label allows you to adapt it to your design and your logos. Finally, the cost of our application is calculated according to the number of users.

In short, the use of an electronic badge opens up a wide range of possibilities. If you are considering a project to dematerialize your badges, do not hesitate to contact us.
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