AGATE is a management software for training centers. It allows users to manage enrollments, pedagogical follow-ups, evaluations, statistics and invoices of their students. It can also manage trainers' schedules and timetables, as well as certifications and diplomas issued.
The software is designed to facilitate administrative tasks and tracking processes for training centers, while providing a global view of the institution's performance. Reports can be generated for better data analysis and faster decision making. It is also possible to configure access according to users for better security. It is often used for professional training centers or corporate training organizations to manage their training follow-ups. It is often used for training center management scenarios for internal and external users.
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Why AGATE solution at Bienvenue Formation ?

There are several reasons why it might be useful to connect AGATE Training Center Management to Bienvenue Formation.

By connecting the two applications, AGATE data (enrollments, pedagogical follow-up, evaluations, etc.) would be automatically synchronized with Bienvenue Formation, thus avoiding manual data entry.

Users would be able to access online training tools such as videos, quizzes, interactive exercises, etc.

They would also be able to follow their training remotely from Bienvenue Formation, which would allow them to continue learning even outside of class hours.

Communication with trainers and other students: By connecting the two applications, users could communicate with instructors and other students via discussion forums, chats, etc. directly from Bienvenue Formation.

Online assessment: By connecting the two applications, users could conduct online assessments directly from Bienvenue Formation, saving time and efficiency.

How to connect Aurion to Bienvenue Formation ?

To connect the AGATE software to the Bienvenue Formation application, there are the following methods:
Using an API (Application Programming Interface): The two applications can be connected via an API
Use a connector or a plugin if the software allows it.

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