What is Deffinum?

Deffinum ("Dispositifs France Formation Innovante Numérique") is a project launched in several waves. The first wave was launched on June 1, 2021 by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Integration. Deffinum is the first brick of the Plan for the transformation and digitalization of training integrated into the Plan France relance. This plan is specifically aimed at training organizations and apprentice training centers (CFAs).

To support "the deployment of a new training model" and to make France an "example of pedagogical innovation" are the objectives of the "plan for the transformation and digitalization of training", which is aimed at training organizations and CFAs. Developed by the government as part of the recovery plan, it aims to remedy the shortcomings of distance learning in France, which became apparent with the crisis but continue to persist.

What are the methods and objectives of the project?

The Deffinum project proposes a budget of 300M€ to accelerate the transformation of training.

Deffinum would allow us to take a step forward in the transformation of training and make France a leader in educational innovation. How will this be done? By developing a more attractive training model, integrating more digital and immersive technologies, and on-the-job training. And by taking proactive measures to reduce the digital divide.

Many actors are involved in this project, including about fifty public and private joint organizations (social partners, Regions, vocational training sector, professional branches, Ministries, operators ... There is also a survey that was conducted among training organizations & CFA which confirmed the need to support the equipment of digital content and digital resources and finally, there was a monitoring committee quadripartite installed in late March 2021.

The project action plan

Three areas of intervention have been defined:
- Support for innovative digitalization projects proposed by local players or economic sectors and the creation of digital commons (particularly virtual reality)
- Support for third-party training sites, to bring training closer together, access tools and share
- Access, for training organizations & CFAs, to a support offer to hybridize training

To do this, several levers of action have been set up:
- The launch of a call for innovation projects to support sector and/or network projects
- The creation of "digital commons" for costly and high value-added immersive digital resources

Others are still in progress:
- The labeling of third-party training places and seed funding, particularly for equipment (video tools, virtual reality ...) or the animation of these places.
- The offer of third-party payment support, paid for by training organizations & CFAs

And others have not yet been launched:
- The structuring of an R&D and innovation monitoring space
- The organization of a series of hackathons to identify and remove administrative and contractual barriers to hybridization

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