At a time when the French Post Office is imposing a new increase in the price of stamps, it is more important than ever to think about digital signatures.

Since January 1, 2020, it is now necessary to pay 0.97 € for a green stamp and 1.16 € for a red stamp. If the Post Office is trying to reinvent itself by looking for other sources of revenue than postage, vocational training centers are also finding more economical solutions to transmit attendance sheets to their learners: digital sign-in!

Welcome Training: what if you went digital with your attendance sheets?

With a cost starting at €1.80 per trainee (unlimited signatures), the savings are visible at first glance. And we're not talking about time savings: in 4 steps, say goodbye to the traditional attendance sheet!

- Create your training in your web space.
- Download the mobile application and automatically synchronize the list of participants.
- Download your attendance sheets on tablet or smartphone.
- Get a detailed report.

Thus you are able to drastically reduce the administrative time related to each trainee, the time of retyping, the correction of errors/catch-ups, the printing/reprinting of the documents necessary to the OPCOs, and especially all the costs related to the mailing of these documents. All in all, switching to a totally digital enrollment system can reduce the management costs of a learner by an average of 80%.

In addition to this cost reduction, the start of digital enrollment is very quick, and depending on your current software, can even begin in less than a week.

Not yet convinced? Contact the team for a demo!

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