Training costs too high

For several years now, the world of education has been moving towards 100% online learning.

After several months of confinement in the world, it has become clear that corporate training will no longer take place in the classroom. Training requiring specific equipment will be the only case where face-to-face will still be relevant. The new standard of education and training is becoming the distance format!

The reasons are simple: substantial savings and higher learner satisfaction.

Indeed, the time and expense of bringing together groups of employees for face-to-face training is exorbitant. Travel, hotels, windowless conference rooms, administrative costs and the difficulty of measuring the impact of face-to-face training generate dissatisfaction on the part of company managers.
Dissatisfaction is also on the employee's side, because of the constraints imposed: travel, collision with the agenda, distance from home, etc.

Digital enrolment within everyone's reach

As we have seen over the past 2 months, our clients have been able to continue their business by adapting the educational content. With our Welcome Training sign-in application, they send emails to each course, for each student, to sign them in remotely. In addition, we have incorporated the possibility of signing information documents related to the management of the epidemic.
Thus, our clients did not need to use an additional solution. Bienvenue Formation can both send notifications and collect document signatures.

If we look at the current market turmoil, we see that every company is preparing for the start of the new year, whether physical or digital. Some will be ready in a few weeks, others in September, as they are currently managing the operational aspects of leaving the confines of the building.
Training organizations, internal training centers, CFAs, but also the entire higher education sector are equipping themselves with solutions to dematerialize attendance sheets. In the case of face-to-face training, dematerialization avoids the circulation of sheets or tablets, and ensures the protection measures of COVID-19. In addition, it simplifies the administrative management of distance learning.

We hear a lot in the media about the world of the future. The transformation of certain processes is becoming essential to simplify our daily lives. Distance learning is one of the sustainable solutions adopted by trainers, teachers, learners and students.

Do you also need to transform the management of your enrolments? Contact us for a demonstration of our applications, and quickly digitalize your attendance sheets!

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